Jacqueline Clavel
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Jacqueline Clavel MD, PhD epidemiology

Course and current status

Experience and responsibilities

2015-…          Leader of the Inserm team « Epidemiology of cancers of children and adolescents » (EPICEA) of the Research center of epidemiology and statistics of Paris-Sorbonne-Cité (CRESS), INSERM U1153 (Dir. P. Ravaud)

2011-…          Direction of the infrastructure (Investment for the future) HOPE-EPI - Childhood Cancer Observation Platform

2010-2014   Leader of the Inserm team « Environmental epidemiology of cancers » of the Research center of epidemiology and population health (CESP), INSERM U1018 (Dir. D. Hémon)

2006-2009   Director of the research unit « Environmental epidemiology of cancers », INSERM UMR-S754

1999- …         Co-creation of the National registry of childhood solid tumors

1994- …         Creation and direction of the National registry of childhood hematopoietic malignancies (retroactive 1990-…)

1991- …         Permanent position at Inserm (1991-CR2, 1995-CR1, 2000-DR2, 2009-DR1)

1985-1988   Paris hospital and university assistant in physiology (Broussais/UPMC)

1984-1985   Paris hospital and university assistant in physiology (Necker/Paris Descartes)


1995               PhD in Epidemiology, Paris-Sud University

1988               Master of Biostatistics and Health, Paris-Sud University

1981               Doctor in Medicine, Paris Descartes University, Necker Faculty

Scientific boards

2023-...          Scientific committee of Permanent access to SNDS data Inserm

2022-...          Scientific committee of Health of women and children after ART, Agence de la Biomédecine

2022-...          Scientific board of GEOCANCER, Cancéropôle Ile-de-France

2019-...          Steering committee of REALYSA

2018-2021   Scientific council of the International Agency for Research on Cancer - French member

2015-2017   Scientific board on phytopharmacovigilance (ANSES)

2014-2015   Scientific board of the National public health institute (InVS)

2013-2022   Scientific board of Paris medical research Emergence

2013-…          Scientific board of National multi-organization institute (ITMO) cancer of AVIESAN

2011-2015   Scientific board of French school of public health (EHESP)

2011               Working group on Epidemiological surveillance around a disposal of high-level radioactive waste (ANDRA)

2010-2014   Steering Committee of the Cancéropôle Ile-de-France

2009               Expert group on health and EMF-ELF (ANSES)

2008-2013   Scientific board of the Doctoral School Paris Sud-Paris -Descartes

2008-2012   Working group on Leukemia and nuclear sites (ASN)

2008-2009   National Committee of Rare Diseases Registries

2008-…          Management group of the Childhood leukemia international consortium CLIC

2007-2011   Education council of French school of public health (EHESP)

2007               Evaluation committee of Canceropoles (INCa)

2006-…          Working group Cancer of the ELFE birth cohort

2006-2011   Evaluation commission #5 of ARC

2006-2008   Expert group cancer and environment (INSERM)

2004-2011   Scientific board of SFCE (French Society of Childhood Cancer)

2004-2005   Expert group cancer and environment – methods (INSERM)

2004               Working group on rare diseases (DGS)

2003-2007   Member of the scientific specialized commission CSS3 of Inserm

2003-2006   Expert group on Hepatitis B vaccination and childhood leukemia (ANSM)

2003-2004   European working group « Childhood cancer and environment » (SCALE)

2002-2005   Expert group on health and EMF-ELF (DGS) "Champs électriques et magnétiques à basse fréquence" (DGS)

2002-2004   Working group on Analysis of space-time clusters (InVS)

2001-2007   Coordination of expertise and investigation of a cluster of childhood cancers in a school at Vincennes (InVS)

2000               Expert group on Surveillance of risks related to ionizing radiation (InVS)

1997-1998   Expert group on Surveillance of risks related to ionizing radiation (RNSP)

Societies and scientific groups

Member of the SFCE, SIOPE, SIOP, PANCARE, ENCR, IACR – Member of CLIC international consortium, CONCORD Group

Scientific summary

Jacqueline Clavel, MD, PhD is research professor at Inserm and has devoted most of her research to the development of epidemiological research on childhood cancers. One of her main areas of research aims to improve knowledge of childhood cancer risk factors, and has contributed to document the role of environmental, genetic, perinatal and lifestyle risk factors. A growing part of her research is devoted to the long-term epidemiological follow-up of childhood cancer survivors. The development of infrastructures capable of providing standardized and quality-controlled information on a national and comprehensive basis has been crucial to this area of research.  With her team, she  created the National registry of childhood cancer and then the Childhood Cancer Observation Platform, which complements the registry with several databases, in particular the national COHOPER cohort of all patients diagnosed since 2000. The field  can now rely on invaluable data from tens of thousands of children.

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