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jean-pierre benitah 1993 Ph.D. of Biology-Electrophysiology (Doctorat d'université d’électrophysiologie), University of Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand I (France)

Course and current status

1991-93  PhD thesis: Electrophysiological studies of repolarizing currents in single cells isolated from human atria and ventricular heart, and from normal and hypertrophied rat ventricles by whole-cell patch-clamp techniques - U195 INSERM Clermont-Ferrand, France Dr. Paco Lorente

1994-97  Post-Doc: Molecular basis of permeability of ionic channel: Effect of external pH on expressed sodium current and mutagenesis of the pore of the potassium and sodium channel - Section of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, Division of Cardiology / Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore-USA, Dr. Eduardo Marban

1997-98  Post-Doc: Structure-function of plant potassium channels: Molecular basis of ionic selectivity, of activation and of regulation of KAT and AKT type channels - ENSA-M/INRA/ CNRS URA 2133 M2. Montpellier, France, Pr. Claude Grignon.

1998-2001  Post-doc: Specific and inductive expression of ion channel genes during cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure - U390 INSERM Montpellier, France Dr. G. Vassort

2001-til now Research Scientist (CR1 INSERM)

Scientific summary

Regulation of functional expression of cardiac ionic channel – Implications in pathophysiology of heart failure.

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