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Etienne RIVIERE Etienne Rivière, MD, PhD, MA(Ed)

Course and current status

Medical Doctor (MD) in Internal Medicine at Haut-Leveque Hospital in Bordeaux, France, since 2013.

PhD obtained in 2015 in the team of Prof Chloé James and Prof Jean-François Viallard at INSERMU1034 led by Prof Thierry Couffinhal, with researches on megakaryopoiesis in chronic unexplained thrombocytopenias, and a specific focus on the role of Bcl-xL in megakaryopoiesis.

Master in Education obtained in 2016 at Laval University in Quebec, Canada, on the use of simulation in medical education.

Scientific summary

My researches are now focused on how to explain ICTUS, i.e. Idiopathic Chronic Thrombocytopenias of Undetermined Significance, in the same team lead by Prof Chloé James in collaboration with the research team of William Vainchencker at Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris.

These researches can be lead thanks to our ITP National Network through ITP Referral Centers in France.

I am also developping researches on cancer-associated thrombocytopenias.

Finally, I lead a simulation center in Bordeaux where we are actually conducting researches on how to better transfer new knowledge acquired during simulated sessions to clinical practice, and also researches on difficult debriefings.

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