Sylvaine Artero
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  • Location : Montpellier, France
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Sylvaine Artero PhD, Epidemiology

Course and current status

Past and current appointments

currently, since 2021 head the team 'Environment, Biomarkers, Neuropsychiatry' at Inserm Unit 1191, CNRS UMR 5203 Institut de génomique Fonctionnelle. La Colombière Hospital, Montpellier, France (P Marin, Dir)

2015-2020  head the group 'Age-related Cognitive Disorders' at Inserm Unit 1061. Neuropsychiatry: Epidemiological and Clinical research. La Colombière Hospital, Montpellier, France (K Ritchie, Dir)

since 2005. Senior Inserm Researcher (CR1 level). Inserm U 1061, Montpellier

1999-2005. Coordinator of the E3C project, Montpellier centre & Esprit Project. Inserm U 888, Montpellier (K Ritchie, Dir)


2014. HDR Qualification to supervise Ph.D. theses–University of Montpellier

2004. PhD in neuroepidemiology–University of Montpellier

Scientific summary

Main areas of research


  • Epidemiological research in the field of neurological and psychiatric diseases in ageing, addressing their biological, environmental, genetic and neuro-imaging aspects


  • Development of etiological models of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease for the detection of potentially reversible risk factors (environmental, nutritional and psychiatric)


  • Identification of cerebral biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment


Main grants


2018-2021   Principal investigator of the Sugar and Alzheimer's Disease project (France Alzheimer research prize)

2008-2011   Principal investigator of the Cerebral white matter lesions project (France Alzheimer research prize)

2009-2011   Associate investigator of the COGICARE project (ANR grant)


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