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raphael leman PhD Biomedical

Course and current status

2017-2019: DOCTORATE IN MOLECULAR GENETICS                                  

Inserm U1245, Genomics and Personalized Medecine in Cancer, Caen, FRANCE

Main: improve the molecular diagnosis of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers (HBOCs) by the transcripts study of the predisposition genes.

  • Mapping of alternative splicing from genes involved in the predisposition of HBOCs by targeted RNA next generation sequencing (targeted RNAseq)
    • Paradigm of PALB2 gene: usefulness of this mapping to interpret variant at RNA level
    • Setting up the analysis of transcripts by targeted RNAseq long-read
    • In silico combinatory analysis of data from RNAseq long-read and short read
  • Bioinformatics tools development to predict and study the splicing alteration from unknown significance variants.
    • SpliceLauncher: novel bioinformatics tool to study the alternative splicing from RNAseq data.
    • SPiCE, Splicing Prediction in Consensus Element: prediction tool dedicated to the consensus splice sites outperforming the state-of-art in these regions.
    • SPiP, Splicing Prediction Pipeline: decisional tree dealing the splicing complexity, with a new tool for the cryptic splice site detection, validated on more than 2 500 variants.

2017-2018: MENTORING OF MASTER 1 TRAINEES                                     

Laboratoire de biologie et génétique du cancer, CLCC F. Baclesse, Caen, FRANCE

  • Amaury Humbert, 4 months
    • Setting up RT-PCR long-range for exon 11 of BRCA1
  • Robin Lebas, 4 months
    • Benchmarking of bioinformatics tools dedicated to consensus splice sites

2018-2019:  COURSES: UE INFORMATICS TOOLS                                     

IUT Génie Biologique, Caen, FRANCE

2017-2018:  COURSES: UE – « OMICS » APPROACH                                      

Master 2 Mention Biologie Santé, Rouen, France

2017-2018:  COURSES: UE STATISTICS TOOLS                                       

IUT Génie Biologique, Caen, FRANCE

2016: MASTER 2 IMMUNO-INFECTIOLOGY                                             

Inserm UE 966 MAVIVH, Tours, FRANCE

  • Development of new cellular model to express recombinant viral protein for the collaborative project HII-GO (hématologie Infection et Inflammation du Grand-Ouest), led by PhD Eric Piver

2015: MASTER 2 PHARMACOLOGIC MODELIZATION                                              


Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics modelization of rituximab in children carriers idiopathic nephrotic syndrome,  led by PhD David Ternant

Scientific summary

In the area of “omics” approach, the expertise of next generation sequencing technology is a major challenge. Pharmacist graduate and thanks to my thesis works, I expanded my skills in the molecular biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics domain to operate on the data provided by these novel technologies. In reaching this mastery, I proved to be volunteer and motivate to achieve my goals. Then, I wish to value these achievements by continuing in the biomedical research in the frame of post-doctoral contract.

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