Anne VEJUX PhD Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Course and current status


 Since 2011: Associate Professor in biochemistry at University of Burgundy, France

 2010-2011      Clinical Researcher - Centre d’Investigation Clinique/Innovations Technologiques – Besançon - - Coordonateur : Pr Jean-Marc Chalopin

Coordonateur Technique – Innovations Technologiques : Dr Lionel Pazart

«1er project : «Validation of Embedded Microsystems for Diagnosing Cytomegalovirus Infection Patient In Bed»

2ème project : Project MIOTherIS : Micro Innovative Onco Therapeutic Injection System

 2009-2010      Post-Doctoral position in Team Estrogènes, Expression Génique et Pathologies du Système Nerveux Central, directeur : Pr Michèle Jouvenot – Université de Franche-Comté

  « Study of the regulation of qsox1 gene expression and QSOX1 protein roles in cellular functions characteristic of cancer cells»

 2007-2009      Post-Doctoral position in CEA Laboratoire TIRO- directeur : Dr Thierry Pourcher – Université de Nice (

« Effects of iodine on the cellular functions of different strains expressing or not the NIS (Natrium iodide symporter) : in vitro and in vivo models».


2003/2006       PH.D Student in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology at the University of Burgundy.

  • Training Course : INSERM (French National Institute of Health & Medical Research) Unit 498, Burgundy.

Characterization of the myelin figures associated with the accumulation of polar lipids induced by different cytotoxic oxyterols: study of the relationships between apoptosis and lipid metabolism under the direction Dr Gérard LIZARD,

  • Financing : Ministry of National Education

 2000/2003       Master’s degree in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology at the University of Franche-Comté and University of Burgundy.

  • Second Training Course (July 2002 – July 2003) : INSERM (French National Institute of Health & Medical Research) Unit 498, Burgundy.

Biochemical characterization of the cytoplasmic structures stained by monodansylcadaverin and study of phosphorylation of protein PDK-1 during the cellular death induced by the 7-ketocholestérol”

  • First Training Course (June 2001-August 2001) : Laboratory of Bactoriology, University Hospital Complex of Besançon, Franche Comté.

Study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa’s resistance to antibiotics”


-since 2017: Member of the commission for international relations of the UFR Sciences Life Earth Environment

-Member of Master and PhD jury, member of jury for the recruitment of assistant professors, and research engineer.

-Member of networks: ENOR (European Network for Oxysterols Research) and NutRedOx (network which  focus on the impact of redox active compounds in food on healthy ageing, chemoprevention and redox control in the context of major age-related diseases).

-Member of scientific and organizing committee of ENOR 6th symposium "Current Trends in Oxysterols and Related Sterols: Biological and Medical Aspects", Paris Descartes University, Paris, 2016, of ENOR 2th symposium "Oxysterols and related sterols in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine", Dijon, 2012; Open European Peroxisome Meeting, Dijon, 2012 and NutriOx, Dijon, 2013.

Scientific summary

Experiments in the characterization of the side effects (cell death, inflammation, oxidative stress) triggered by biological agents and chemicals (oxysterols, very-long-chain fatty acids) and identification of molecules that counteract these effects

Scientific project is : develop and coordinate multidisciplinary and translational research from laboratory to clinical applications, including 1) the determination of early biomarkers in response to treatment; 2) the identification of new potential targets and the development of new therapeutic strategies by the use of molecules with low toxicity.

key words: oxysterols, very-long chain fatty acids, lipid metabolism, peroxisomes, biotherapies, inflammation, cancer, cell cycle and apoptosis, autophagy, biological membranes, oxidative damage, biomarkers, neurodegenerative diseases

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