Jean Xavier Mazoit
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Jean Xavier Mazoit MD, PhD Anaesthesiology, Pharmacology

Course and current status

EducationUniversité Paris-Sud : M.D. 1976.  Université Paris V : Certification in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 1978.  Université Paris VI : M.S. (biomathematics) 1992.  University Paris V : Ph.D. (pharmacology) 1994.  University Paris-Sud : HDR 1995.

Clinical Position and Practice:  Staff physician (emergency medicine), Paris Fire Brigade, 1975-76.  Praticien Hospitalier, Spécialiste des Hôpitaux 1983-present (paediatric anaesthetist: Hôpital Bicêtre AP-HP, Chairman Pr D Benhamou).

Research:  Anaesthesia Laboratory "Traumatisme tissulaire et Inflammation", Université Paris-Sud (2002-2009), currently part of the UMR 788 INSERM.

Expertise:  Member of the advisory committee of the French Drug Regulatory Agency and Vice President of the Neurosciences section (2002-2006), numerous expert and consensus conferences.

Honours:  Grand prix de la Société Française d'Anesthésie et de Réanimation (SFAR) 2010: "Ils ont fait progresser l'anesthésie-réanimation".

Scientific summary

Pharmacology of drugs used for anaesthesia and analgesia, local anaesthetics, opioids, non opiates used in the perioperative period.

Clinical researchPharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) modelling (mixed effect modelling [NONMEM], up-and-down techniques, Bayesian techniques [Continuous reassessment method]).

Experimental research.  Toxicity of local anaesthetics (cardiac toxicity studied using Langendorff preparations and isolated cardiomyocytes) and in-vitro effect of lipid emulsions.

Antihyperalgesia and immunomodulation induced by local anaesthetics.  Effect of local anaesthetics and of nerve blocs on the peripheral sensitisation induced by inflammatory pain.  Effects of local anaesthetics and opioids on innate immunity.

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