Nicolas Papon
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  • Location : Angers, France
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Nicolas Papon Professor in Parasitology and Medical Mycology

Course and current status

Academic Qualifications

1995-1999 : M. Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of Tours, France

2000-2003 : PhD in Plant Biotechnology, University of Tours, France

2010 : Research Manager Accreditation, University of Tours, France 


Academic Positions

2004-2008 : Lecturer in Botanic  - Faculty of Pharmacy / Young researcher - Membrane Transports and Chemoresistance, University of Paris V, France

2008-2015 : Lecturer in Biotechnology - Faculty of Pharmacy / Senior researcher - Plant Biotechnology and Biocompounds, University of Tours, France

Since 2015 : Professor in Parasitology and Medical Mycology  - Faculty of Health / Senior researcher - Fungal Respiratory Infections Research Unit, University of Angers, France


Roles and Memberships

Director of the Research Site in Health Science (SFR ICAT) (11 research teams, 120 researchers, 90 PhD students, 6 research platforms), University of Angers, France

Director of the Fungal Respiratory Infections Research Unit, University of Angers, France

Vice-President of French Association of Teachers and Hospital Practitioners in Parasitology and Medical Mycology (ANOFEL) (300 members, 54 University Hospitals, 29 Faculties of Health)

Member of the Management Consultancy of the Faculty of Health, University of Angers, France

Member of the Hospital-University Careers Commission of the Faculty of Health, University of Angers

Member of the Management Board of the Faculty of Health, University of Angers

Member of the Research Commission, University of Angers

Member of the Real Estate Heritage Commission, University of Angers

Head of the Mycology section, French Society of Microbiology

Expert for various agencies (DIM-Malinf, Italian Teleton, Fighting Cystic Fibrosis, IPGG, Finovi, ECOS-Sud, ANR)

Co-organizer of the annual congress of the French Society of Microbiology

Principal investigator of 6 research programs

Associate investigator on 6 research programs (task leader)

Supervision of 3 post-doc, 5 PhD, 10 master 2 students since 2004

Editor in Frontiers in Microbiology, Frontiers in Fungal Biology, Diversity


Invited Positions and Summer Schools

Invited Professor in Parasitology (30 h teaching / year), Bachelor in Medical Science and Technology, University of Hanoï, Vietnam  

Summer School in Medical Mycology (15 h teaching / year), Doctoral School for Sciences and Biotechnology, Lebanese University, Lebanon                  

Summer School in Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology (30 h teaching / year), Doctoral School, Antioquia and CES University, Colombia

Scientific summary

After obtaining a DEA in "Biophysics and Molecular and Cellular Biology" (University of Orléans - University of Tours) in 2000, Nicolas Papon realized a thesis in the UPRES EA2106 “Biomolecules and Plant Biotechnology” (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tours) (2000-2003). His doctoral research was focused on a molecular and physiological approach to study the hormonal signaling (cytokinins and ethylene) that controls the accumulation of secondary metabolites (alkaloids) in the plant cell.

He then benefited from a lecturer position in the Department of Biochemistry at Faculty of Pharmacy in Tours (2003-2004) where he taught enzymology and bioinformatics. The research part was carried out within the "Molecular Virology" team (Dr. P. Coursaget) of the INSERM EMI-U0010 "Proteases and Vectorization" Unit. The project consisted in developing in vivo imaging of gene transfer in murine model.

In 2004, he was recruited as assistant-professor at the Department of Plant Sciences (Pr J. Villard) in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris Descartes University. His research was carried out in the framework of the "Chemoresistance of pathogenic yeast" axis of the EA209 team "Pathogenic Eucaryotes: Membrane Transport and Chemoresistance" (Dir Pr J. Le Bras). During 4 years (2004-2008), the research developed focused on the study of mechanisms involved in morphogenesis and antifungal resistance in opportunistic yeasts of the genus Candida. He conducted the scientific animation of this axis from 2006.

In 2008, he became assistant-professor in Biotechnology at the University of Tours (Faculty of Pharmacy). For 7 years (2008-2015), he mainly taught botany, plant biochemistry, mycology and biotechnology. In terms of research, he progressively developed and led the "Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology of Yeasts" axis within UPRES EA2106 "Biomolecules and Plant Biotechnologies". This program consisted in the development of standardized genetic tools for yeasts of medical interest and biotechnology.

In 2015, he had the opportunity to join the Faculty of Health of the University of Angers as a Professor of Parasitology and Medical Mycology. Since this recruitment, he is responsible for the pedagogical service of Parasitology, Medical Mycology and Immunology of the Department of Pharmacy. In terms of research, he integrated the "Fungal Respiratory Infections" research unit (formerly "Host-Pathogen Interaction Study Group", UPRES EA3142). The overall goal of our work is to improve the management of fungal respiratory infections in patients. Specifically, our unit is currently working both in (i) improving knowledge of the epidemiology of fungal respiratory infections in cystic fibrosis and transplant patients; (ii) the development of rapid and reliable diagnostic methods for the early detection of agents of these infections; (iii) the search for new therapeutic schemes and the identification of new therapeutic targets by studying the physiology and pathogenic mechanisms of the microorganisms involved.

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