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Damien Huzard PhD in behavioral and social Neurosciences

Course and current status

I performed my PhD in the lab of Carmen Sandi at EPFL, in Lausanne, studying the effects of differential stress responsiveness on social behaviors, learning/memory, cardiovascular system and metabolism.

I am currently doing a postdoc in the laboratory of FreddY Jeanneteau in Montpellier (https://jeanneteau-lab.cnrs.fr/), studying the brain circuitry regulating social behaviors in groups of mice.

Scientific summary

My scientific interests are gravitating around the concept of stress and how individuals cope with adversity.

- How changes in the environment are interprated as a stressor and how does is it relayed in the brain in order to ellicit the subsequent behaviors?

- Why (and how) are individuals differing in those responses?

- What are the critical periods of developments and neurotransmitter inducing social alterations later in life?

- How is active/passive coping styles encoded in the brain?

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