Nadia Alfaidy
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  • Location : Grenoble, France
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Nadia Alfaidy MsC, PhD

Course and current status

Current appointments: Senior Researcher, Director of research at INSERM, France


1990                         B.SC (Hons), first calss, (Paris VII University)

1995                         Ph.D. (Paris VII University)

1995-1998                Postdoctoral Fellow (Sandoz contract). Paris VI Lariboisière

1999-2003                Research associate, University of Toronto,  Dr. JRG Challis

2003-2005                Researcher: Young investigator program INSERM EMI105

2005                          Researcher: INSERM Institute

2010                         Habilitation to supervise research programs

2005                          Director of research at INSERM Institute

Honors and Awards

1991-95                    National PhD Science Scholarship

1992-93                    Society of Nephrology Prize

1996-98                    Postdoctoral Fellow from Sandoz Company

1999-2003                MRC Grant for the study of Preterm labor

1999-2000               Award for best post-doctoral fellow of the year

2001                        New investigator Prize “International Trophoblast meeting”

2003-2005               French Foundation for Medical Research

2003-2006               Young Investigator contract with INSERM, France

2005-2006               PNR grant : Programme  en endocrinologie et reproduction

2007-2012               Recipient of Interface contract Grenoble Hospital

2008-2010               Recipient of regional Grant “Rhône Alpes”

2009-2012               Recipient of DHOS-INSERM Grant: A clinical study

2014-Present           French investigator of the French-Moroccan cooperation

2015-Present          Principal investigator “Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes” partnership 

2015-Present          Recipient of project Ligue contre le cancer

2015-Present          Recipient of project CLARA Oncostarter

Scientific summary

Dr Alfaidy’ research has contributed in a fundamental manner to advances in the understanding of pregnancies pathologies that are associated with abnormal function at the fetomaternal barrier. Her postdoctoral studies have uncovered some of the key roles of steroids and prostaglandins in the birth process and have elucidated some of the current concepts of the autocrine and paracrine regulations in women. Since March 2003 Dr. Alfaidy’ research has been focused on the understanding of the mechanisms of the development of Preeclampsia, the most common cause of retarded fetal development. Dr. Alfaidy’s actual research is focused on the study of a new family of proteins, the prokineticin, recently identified as pro-angiogenic and proinflammatory, in relation to pregnancy pathologies. Her recent work also identified the prokineticin1 as an angiogenic protein associated with placenta tumor development and progression. Ongoing studies in her group aim at developing therapeutic molecules and antibodies to interfere with prokineticin-1 signaling pathway.

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