Frédéric VELARD
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  • Phone : +33 3 26 91 80 10
  • Location : Reims, France
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Frédéric VELARD PhD Immunology Biomaterials

Course and current status

2004 Bachelor degree in Cell Biology and Physiology (URCA Reims France)

2006 Master degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamic (URCA Reims France)

2009 PhD in Immunology (INSERM UMR-S 926 URCA Reims France)

2010 Assistant Lecturer (INSERM UMR-S 926 Reims France)

        Post-Doctoral Fellowship (INSERM UMR-S 606 Paris France)

2011 Research Engineer (EA4691/PICT URCA Reims France)

2012 Specialization Degree "Experimentation on Animals", (URCA Reims France)

2013 Associate Professor (EA4691/PICT URCA Reims France)

2014 Research Engineer (EA4691 URCA Reims France)

Scientific summary

During my Master, I was working on Abdominal Aortic Aneurism and the involvement of elastin derived peptides on T lymphocytes migration, activation and differentiation and the consequences for pathology progression. Then, my thesis work was about the modulation of biomaterial-induced acute inflammatory reaction. Especially, I have worked on polymorphonuclear neutrophils response to hydroxyapatite particles and the importance of IL-8 chemokine production in aseptic loosening of orthopaedic implants. During post-doctoral fellowship, I have worked on anti-apoptotic peptides effect on Osteoarthritis development due to chondrocytes apoptosis both in inflammatory and hypoxic environment. Now my work deals with inflammatory response (monocytes, osteoclasts...) to biomaterials and development of bone regeneration animal models in EA 4691 BIOS team (Biomaterials and Inflammation in Bone).

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