Philippe Roingeard
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  • Location : Tours, France
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Philippe Roingeard PharmD. Ph.D

Course and current status

1. Civil Status: Born on March, 16, 1961 in Tours (France), French Citizenship

2. Degrees and Diplomas:

1984            PharmD.             François Rabelais University, Tours           

1988             PhD.                  François Rabelais University, Tours           

3. Additional training:                                     

May 88 - Dec 90          Research Associate, Department of Cancer Biology,

                                    School of Public Health, Harvard University, Boston, MA.

4. University positions:

Jan 91 - Aug 01         Assistant-Professor & Hospital Biologist

Since Sept 01            Professor & Hospital Biologist           

                                  Medical School & Bretonneau Hospital,

                                  François Rabelais University, Tours                       

5. Main administrative responsibilities:

- Head of the INSERM U1259 "Morphogenesis and Antigenicity of HIV and hepatitis viruses" (

- Head of the IBiSA Electron Microscopy Facility, François Rabelais University, Tours (

- Head of the Cell Biology Unit, Medical Biology Department, Tours University Hospital (CHU)

- Elected member (and President) of the National University Committee (CNU) - Medicine, Cell Biology.

- Member of the CSS5 INSERM and the CSS12 ANRS-MIE

Scientific summary

I develop with my team research on virus/cell interactions on different viral models (hepatitis B and C viruses, human immunodeficiency virus, Zika virus, dengue virus, West-Nile virus, chikungunya virus, SARS-CoV-2). We have also developed the concept of an experimental bivalent vaccine against hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

I am the author or co-author of more than 170 Medline-indexed publications.

I was awarded the Drieu-Cholet Prize of the National Academy of Medicine (2014), the Jean Valade Prize of the Fondation de France (2015) and the Grand Prix of the Academy of Pharmacy (2018) for my work.

I am the author of a book for the general public entitled "Portraits of viruses: a journey to the heart of cells" (126 pages, with a preface by Christian Bréchot, Presses Universitaires François Rabelais, October 2020).

I have been elected corresponding member of the National Academy of Medicine in 2022

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