Pierre Tuffery
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  • Phone : 01 57 27 83 74
  • Location : Paris, France
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Pierre Tuffery PhD Biomathematics

Course and current status

1986: Gradutation in Biomathematics (University Paris 7), Paris, France

1987-1991: PhD Biomathematics (University Paris 7), Paris, France.

1991-1993: PostDoc at Institut de Biologie Physico-chimique, Paris, France

1993-present : INSERM researcher

Presently member of the UMR-S 973, Therapeutic compounds in Silico

Scientific summary

In silico approaches can now assist the design of new therapeutics in various directions.

We focus on several aspects:

(i) the in silico design of peptides, including de novo peptide structure prediction

(ii) protein structure and function analysis and modeling, including protein structure modeling, side chain modeling, loop modeling, protein similarity search and pocket detection.

(iii) service to the community through the RPBS structural bioinformatics platform (http://bioserv.rpbs.univ-paris-diderot.fr)

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