Etienne Roux
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Etienne Roux PhD Animal physiology, PhD Philosophy, DVM

Course and current status

curent position

Etienne Roux is senior lecturer in animal and cell physiology at the University of Bordeaux, and works since 2011 at the UMR INSERM U1034 “Biology of cardiovascular diseases”. 

Previous positions

1983-1994 : veterinary practitioner

1994-1998 : master and PhD student

1998-2010 : senior lecturer in physiology (University of Bordeaux, INSERM U885)



1983      End of study certificate, National Veterinary School, Toulouse
1991      Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Paul-Sabatier University, Toulouse.
1993      Diploma in General Immunology, Institut Pasteur, Paris
1995      Diploma in Medical Statistics, Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University, Paris.
1995      Master's degree ( Physiology), Bordeaux 2 University.
1998       PhD (Biological and Medical Sciences, option Physiology), Bordeaux 2 University.
2010      Habilitation thesis (HDR), University of Bordeaux
2012       Master's degree  (History and Philosophy of Sciences), Bordeaux Montaigne University.
2021      PhD (philosophy), Univeristy Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne

Scientific summary

Etienne Roux first worked on the study of the reactivity of the airways and pulmonary arteries, combining an experimental approach on cells, isolated tissues and whole animal, with a theoretical computational approach. His work focused on the identification of intracellular pathways of excitation-contraction of bronchial and arterial smooth muscle. Changes in the reactivity of the airways and pulmonary arteries have been studied in various pathologies such as exposure to air pollutants, asthma, and chronic hypoxia.

Since he joined the INSERM U1034 unit, Etienne Roux has been working on the role of endothelial cells in the structure and functionality of vascular networks. He works in particular on the quantitative characterization of the morphological and functional properties of arterial and capillary vascular networks by three-dimensional imaging. These imaging techniques, by microscanner and light-sheet microscopy, are applied to different mouse models genetically modified for endothelial signaling pathways and models of cardiac and renal pathologies.

In these studies, experimental biology is combined with methods of theoretical biology (mathematical models, computational analyzes of morphological data) and a theoretical analysis of the relevant biological concepts (in particular the concepts of function, of functional adequacy and dysfunction, and of regulation and self-organization). For this, Etienne Roux works with biophysicists and philosophers of biology, and has developed national and international collaborations, in particular with the universities of Oxford (UK), Maribor (Slovenia), Auckland) and the Institute of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (Paris).

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