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Course and current status

Current functions :

Hospital Pharmacist (MCUPH)

Hospital Pharmacist in charge of coordinating the Pharmacy clinical trials Unit of Bordeaux Hospital University Center.

Associate Professor of Pharmacokinetics and clinical Pharmacy in faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences , University of Bordeaux.

Member of the team Sarcotarget (Pr Italiano) , Bordeaux Institute of Oncology (BRIC) Inserm U1312

Member of the team Hedgehog and vessel diseases of INSERM Unit 1034 from 2013 to 2022.

Member of French Pharmacokinetics Teachers Association (GEPK).

Experience :

Since 2013 : Associate Professor - Hospital Pharmacist.

2010-2013 : University and hospital Assistant

2001-2007 : Intern in hospital Pharmacy

Scientific summary

Pre-clinical studies in mouse models in sarcoma focused on drugs pharmacokinetics, with the aim of developing PK/PD modeling and further optimizing drug regimens in humans in sarcoma.

Therapeutic drug optimization based on pharmacokinetic clinical studies and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies of immunosuppresive, anticancer and anti-infectious drugs.

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