Jean-François VIALLARD
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  • Phone : +33 5 57 65 64 83
  • Location : Pessac, France
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Jean-François VIALLARD MD, PhD, Professor University

Course and current status

University Professor, BORDEAUX

Head of the Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department, CHU Bordeaux, Haut-Lévêque Hospital

Head of the Reference Center for auto-immune cytopenia in Aquitaine

Head of the Competence Center for Castlemann Disease, for Hypereosinophilic Disorders, and for Primitive Immunodeficiency Disesases of the adults

Member of the INSERM Unit 1034

Scientific summary

Study platelet production abnormalities in immune thrombopenia (ITP) (BCL-XL)

Study foliicular Helper T cells in common variable immunodeficiency disease (CVID)

Study spleen in ITP and CVID

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