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  • Phone : 01 69 33 50 57
  • Location : Palaiseau, France
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Cedric Bouzigues PhD Physics

Course and current status

2011-present Chair of Excellence in cell Biophysics Inserm-Ecole Polytechnique

2008-present : Assistant Professor in Biology (LOB, Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau France)

2006-2008: Post-doctoral fellowship in microfluidics (Tabeling Lab, ESPCI, Paris France)

2003-2006: PhD thesis in biophysics (supervisor: M. Dahan LKB, ENS Paris)

Scientific summary

I am mostly interested in the spatio-temporal organization of physiological responses in living cells. For that purpose, I use microfluidics and optical techniques, such as nanoparticle imaging, either to track single proteins in vitro and in vivo or as to detect chemical species, such as ROS, in cells.

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