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Course and current status

CURRENT POSITION: Research Director (DR-CNRS) and Head of the research team "Genetic, Epigenetic and Therapies of Infertility", Institute for Advanced Biosciences INSERM&CNRS (IAB), University Grenoble Alpes, 38700 La Tronche, FRANCE

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2011-14   Head of the research team “Genetic, infertility and therapeutic” in the laboratory AGIM, CNRS FRE 3405. 2010 Senior Scientist at CNRS (DR). 1997-2010 Staff Scientist at CNRS (CR). Independent investigator on sperm physiology. 1994-1997 Postdoctoral Fellow, Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, Massachusetts, USA (Supervisor Dr Harvey Florman). Laboratory animals Veterinary. In charge of animal wellfare and care in Grenoble animal facility since 15 years.

EDUCATION 1989 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (VMD). University Claude Bernard; Lyon France. 1994 Ph.D. University Joseph Fourier; Grenoble France. 2003 Hability to direct research (HDR), University Joseph Fourier; Grenoble France.

Scientific summary


My scientific interest focuses on gamete physiology, infertility due to sperm and oocyte deficiencies and drugs discovery to treat infertility. I have a particular interest in acrosome reaction, an exocytocic event mandatory for fertilization. This event is triggered by calcium and we characterized recently several phospholipases A2 involved in the process. Currently, we focus on the biogenesis of acrosome. Concerning infertility, we characterized several genes involved in male in female infertility using exomic sequencing and NGS like DPY19L2, DNAH1 or PLCZ1. The impact of such mutations on sperm epigenetic is assessed. I am also involved in Drug discovery in reproduction and manage a new lab in collaboration with IMV technology, an international company leader in animal reproduction and called LIPAV in Grenoble. The aim of this lab is to discover new drug able to improve bovine reproduction.

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