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bruno spire Research Director, MD, PhD

Course and current status

Bruno Spire holds a position of research Director in the French National Institute for Medical Research. Bruno Spire was trained as Medical Doctor in Paris. He obtained his PhD in Virology in Paris in 1990 when he was working in the Françoise Barré-Sinoussi team that was involved in HIV discovery. He participated in the characterisation of HIV reverse transcriptase, described the first methods of inactivation of HIV virus and focused his research on HIV molecular virology.

In 1998, he turned his research to Public Health issues. He has been involved in multidisciplinary studies in order to study patient’s reported outcomes in HIV longitudinal studies and clinical trials. He has led a large number of studies on patient’s adherence, on determinants of patient’s quality of life in the ART era and on sexual behaviours of PLWHA.

Bruno Spire is a researcher living with HIV. He is ledaing a resarch team focused on public issues in HIV and HCV research. He is a member of AIDES since 1988, the main HIV non-governmental organization in France and was elected as the national President of AIDES in 2007. As a President, he is involved in major advocacy fields, including the rights of minorities, gay men, injecting drug users, migrants in order to guarantee an equal access to care. He also advocates for a better consideration of community-based NGOs by the public health authorities.

Scientific summary

Our main research are focused on adherence to antiretoviral therapy, quality of life and other patient's related outcomes. In addition, behaviors of men who have sex with men and injecting drugusers are also part of aour research team in order to improve prevention behaviors and to optimise possible interventions. Our studies are located  both in the developed world and in the developing countries.

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