Susanne Muschert
  • E-mail :[email]
  • Phone : 0320 96 49 75
  • Location : Lille, France
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Susanne Muschert PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology

Course and current status

Susanne received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2008 from the University of Lille. She joined the teaching staff of the University of Lille in 2010. Since then she's working as a Lecturer & Scientist in the Pharmaceutical Technology department. She was appointed Associate Professor in 2016 (habilitation to conduct research) at the University of Lille and performed a research stay at the University of Ghent in 2020.

Scientific summary

Her current research focusses on formulating solid dosage forms for controlled release and takes place in the interdisciplinary research team INSERM U 1008 “Advanced Drug Delivery Systems”. She is having a particular interest in formulating these drug delivery devices with polymer blends in order to improve drug release rates at the site of action.

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