Sandrine Barbaux
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  • Location : Paris, France
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Sandrine Barbaux PhD Human Genetics

Course and current status

PhD in Human Genetics (1997) : The human Y chromosome, at the Pasteur Institute

Post-doc in Pharmacogenetics (1998-1999) : Homocysteine pathway in neural tube defects, at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Post-doc and Inserm researcher (2000-2006) : Genetic polymorphism and cardiovascular diseases, at Inserm u525

Inserm researcher (2007-now) : Search for imprinted geens in the human placenta, at Institut Cochin

Scientific summary

Systematic search for genes submitted to parental imprinting in the human placenta.

Studies of candidate genes in Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction

Models of preeclampsia

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