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Gérard MAUCO MD-PhD, biochemistry, hemostasis, transplantation

Course and current status

MD-PhD (Docteur d'Etat - Sciences), professor in biochemistry  at Université de Poitiers, France 

Director Inserm  U927 (formerly ERM324) : Ischemia-reperfusion and renal transplantation.

Vice Director (Poitiers site) Doctoral School Bio-santé ED524., PRES Limousin-Poitou-Charentes.

In charge for PRES Poitou-Charentes of collaborative projects “biology applied to health”  for the Franco-Indonesian Cooperation in Higher Education


Formerly at Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse France

since 1975 (assistant-professor, then MCU-PH) 

Inserm U101, then Inserm U326 (head : Pr L Douste-Blazy, then Pr H Chap) and deparment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Pr H. Chap), Université P. Sabatier et Centre Hospitalier Régional, Toulouse, 

Also at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa , USA.

 1983-1984 : Visiting Assistant Professor, The Specialized Thrombosis Research Center (Pr J.B. Smith), Health Science Center, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. and 1985: Visiting Research Scientist, Department of Pharmacology (Pr L. Salganicoff), School of Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.


Scientific summary

 -    signal transduction and metabolism of inositol lipids, mainly in activated platelets. Role of thrombin, PAF-acether, ADP and concanavalin A ; role of protein phosphorylation and of phospholipids in organizing signal transduction particles and their relationships with cytoskeleton reorganization..

-     signal transduction during organ / cell cold preservation,

-     implications of coagulation proteases and their inhibition for kidney grafting, design of new preservation solutions and protocols for organ transplantation, potential use of several stem cell-lines for organ transplantation.

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