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yannick allanore MD, PhD

Course and current status

-          Internship : 1994, Paris Ile de France, Paris Descartes University

-          Graduate: 2000, thesis on Atopy and rheumatoid arthritis, Paris Descartes University

-          Master degree: 1998-1999, Paris Production of nitric oxide by circulating monocytes in systemic sclerosis, Paris Descartes University

-          Physician Doctor, thesis defended 03/12/04, Paris Descartes University, Role of oxidative stress and anti-oxidant properties of calcium channel blockers in systemic sclerosis.

-          Assistant Professor : Mai 2005- August 2008, Rheumatology A department, Cochin Hospital, Paris Descartes University,

-          Post doctoral position and Contrat d’Interface Inserm 2005-2010, laboratory INSERM UR781 (Pr Munnich), team Pr Boileau, Necker Hospital, Paris : « Genetics of systemic sclerosis

-           Research Habilitation, Paris Descartes University, Systemic sclerosis, clinical aspects and pathogenesis, defended 24/04/2006 

-          Full time professor, Paris Descartes University, nominated 1st of 2008, Université Rheumatology A department, Cochin Hospital. 

-          Research unit at Institut Cochin, Immunology and Hematology Department, Chronic inflammation and Immune System (Head Dr Chiocchia), INSERM U1016, group « Systemic Sclerosis », 2010-2012

-         Institut Cochin, Team ATIP/AVENIR, head, Genetics of the immune system and chronic rheumatic diseases, 2013-present

Scientific summary

Yannick Allanore got a Professor of Rheumatology position at the Paris Descartes University in Paris in 2008. He is the Head of a research group working on the cardiovascular clinical aspects of systemic sclerosis and  on pathogenesis, through genetic and cellular biology approaches (INSERM U1016, Cochin Institute, team chronic inflammation and auto-immunity, head Dr G.Chiocchia). He leads the GENESYS consortium which includes many rheumatology centers throughout Europe and has allowed the building of a cohort of more than 2500 cases of patients with systemic sclerosis and 3000 matched controls, for whom DNA has been collected. Many collaborative projects have been achieved with the identification of many susceptibility genetic factors which mainly belong to auto-immune pathways. This group has also developped post-genomic approaches with the use of scleroderma animal models, it has recently reported on the critical role of the transcriptional factor STAT4 in these models and the relationship between inflammation and fibrosis. Using in vitro cellular models, this team has described an endothelial signature which further highlights a critical infmammatory component in this disease. Recent projects aimed at evaluating various therapeutic targets in complentary pre-clinical models of systemic sclerosis (bleomycin, GVH, TsK, Fra-2 mice) with very promising data regading IL6 blocking, immun co-stimulatory signals with abatacept and the very innovative OX40L pathway and also PPARs agonists as anti-fibrotic agents. Clinical research projects have also been perfomed mainly on the descrption of cardiovascular involvement in SSc and the prediction of cardiovascular events, including risf factors and risk scores for the prediction of SSc pulmonary hypertension.

Professor Allanore has published over 290 papers, he is a member of several professional bodies, including the French Rheumatology Society, the American College of Rheumatology  and EULAR. He has been advisory editor of Arthritis and Rheumatism journal. He is a member of board of the The European Scleroderma Trials and Research group (EUSTAR), as chairman, re-elected in 2016), he organised the 3rd Eustar Course in Paris in 2009.

Research grants:

  • ANR GiS-Maladies Rares 2007- Vasculopathy of systemic sclerosis: molecular and cellular approaches. (MRAR-2007-projet R07094KS)
  • ANR GENOPATH 2008. Genomewide association study in European Caucasian Systemic Sclerosis patients. ANR-08-GENO-016-1 (Project R08160KS)
  • Fondation Arthritis 2007-2009. Endothelial disturbances in systemic sclerosis: a cellular approach based on endothelial cells derived from circulating endothelial progenitors
  • Fondation Arthritis 2010-2012. Functional validation of genetic hypotheses in systemic sclerosis animal models
  • Association des Sclérodermiques de France
  • Société Française de Rhumatologie
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