Jacques Brocard
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  • Phone : +33 4 56 52 05 34
  • Location : Grenoble, France
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Jacques Brocard PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Course and current status

Since 2007, I'm a CR1 INSERM (Senior Scientist) in the team Physiopathology of the Cytoskeleton, of the Grenoble - Institute for Neuroscience.

In the past, I spent time as a:

- Junior Scientist in the Laboratory for the Cytoskeleton in Grenoble, France (2002-2006)

- Post-doctoral fellow in calcium imaging, University of Pittbsurgh, USA (1999-2001)

- PhD student in molecular biology and genetics, IGBMC, Strabsourg, France (1994-1998).


Scientific summary

Scientific expertise:

neuronal differentiation, microtubule dynamics, calcium channels and calcium homeostasis, mitochondrial metabolism, mouse genetics, transgenics and behavior

Technical skills:

molecular biology, cell culture including primary neurons, imaging ion fluxes w/ chemical dyes, basic biochemistry, animal handling and ethics, image analysis, VB programming, statistics


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