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Emmanuel Lemichez PhD Cellular and Molecular Genetic

Course and current status

Director of the team : Bacterial toxins in host pathogen interactions


Formation and positions   

 1992 : Master of Molecular and Cellular Genetics, Univ. Paris VI 

1997 : Thesis of Molecular and Cellular Genetics, Inst Pasteur Paris, Univ. of Paris VI

Pr Patrice Boquet

Post-doctoral training, Rockefeller University, Fellow Human Frontier

Pr Nam-Hai Chua

2000 : INSERM CR

2003 : HDR (habilitation to direct thesis), Univ. of Nice

Since 2004 : Director of INSERM team, Univ. of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

2008 : INSERM DR2

Scientific summary

The main research focus of our laboratory is to determine the various roles and cellular targets of bacterial toxins in host–pathogen interactions, using genetic, cellular microbiology and animal model approaches. Current studies of our laboratory are aimed at understanding the effects of bacterial toxins of uropathogenic E. coli, B. anthracis and S. aureus on cell cytoskeleton, innate immune responses and cell viability.

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