Pierre Levy MD, MS Public Health Research, Hopital Tenon

Course and current status

M in Physiology,  B in Math., MD, Aix-Marseille U. Cinical Neurophysiology, Lille U. Epileptology, Nancy U.

Rsch asst. Grenoble (France) U. Hosp., 1988; asst. prof Medicine Faculty, St. Etienne 1989-91; physician Gen. Hosp., annonay, 1991-98,

Paris U. Hosp, 1998-, French National Institute of Health (Inserm), Paris, 2004-.

Scientific summary

Using biostatistics in medical research

Creating and using information visualization methods aimed at accessing the semantic content of medical data.

Inventor visual methods for representing information processing (graduated substrata, caseview, generalized caseview method (GCm)). Pixelization paradigm.

Mem. IEEE-EMBS. French Society of Clinical Neurophysiology

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