Stéphane AUVIN
  • E-mail :[email]
  • Phone : +33 1 40 03 57 24
  • Location : Paris, France
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Stéphane AUVIN MD, PhD, Child Neurology & Epilepsy

Course and current status

I am Child Neurologist and Epileptologist. I am conducting the epilepsy program at Robert Debré University Hospital, APHP, Paris. I am also conducting research works in the INSERMU676, Paris.

Scientific summary

My clinical and research activities are focused on pediatric epilepsy and its treatments. My research team is working on inflammation-epilepsy and on the mechanism of the ketogenic diet.
The Epilepsy program at Robert Debré Children Hospital, Paris, is involved in antiepileptic drugs clinical trials as well as preclinical works in the INSERM U676.

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