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Felipe Pegado MD, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience

Course and current status

2013-                  Post-doc fellow in Professor Hans Op de Beeck's lab.

2012                   Post-doc fellow in Professor Stanislas Dehaene's lab.

2008- 2011         PhD Student. Project:  The neurocognitive impact of learning to read. Supervisor: Professor Stanislas Dehaene (director of Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit- INSERM-CEA-Collège de France)- using fMRI and EEG

2006- 2008         Research fellow. Project: Probing the lifetimes of auditory novelty detection processes using EEG at Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital with Professor Lionel Naccache

2005- 2007         Clinical Electroencephalography (EEG) trainee at St Anne Hospital - Paris

2005- 2006         Research Assistant in the Clinical Research Program of Epilepsy Surgery and Vagal Nerve Stimulation for Resistant Epilepsy- French network

1991-2004          Medical and Psychiatric training: 2001-2004: specialization in Psychiatry/ChildPsychiatry (France); 1998-1999: Residency in Psychiatry (Brazil); 1991-1997: Medical school;

Scientific summary

Pegado F, Comerlato E, Ventura F, Jobert A, Nakamura K, Buiatti M, Ventura P, Dehaene-Lambertz G, Kolinsky R, Morais J, Braga LW, Cohen L, Dehaene S (2014) Timing the impact of literacy on visual processing. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111:E5233–5242.


Pegado F, Nakamura K, Hannagan T (2014) How does literacy break mirror invariance in the visual system? Front Psychol 5:703.


Pegado F, Nakamura K, Braga LW, Ventura P, Filho GN, Pallier C, Jobert A, Morais J, Cohen L, Kolinsky R, Dehaene S (2013) Literacy Breaks Mirror Invariance for Visual Stimuli: A Behavioral Study With Adult Illiterates. J Exp Psychol Gen.


Nakamura K, Kuo W-J, Pegado F, Cohen L, Tzeng OJL, Dehaene S (2012) Universal brain systems for recognizing word shapes and handwriting gestures during reading. PNAS 109:20762–20767.


Dehane S, Pegado F (2012) O impacto da aprendizagem da leitura no cérebro. Rev Patio ano XVI.


Pegado F, Nakamura K, Cohen L, Dehaene S  (2011)  Breaking the symmetry: Mirror discrimination for single letters but not for pictures in the Visual Word Form Area. Neuroimage 55:742-749


Dehaene, S., Pegado, F., Braga, L. W., Ventura, P., Filho, G. N., Jobert, A., Dehaene-Lambertz, G., et al. (2011). [Impact on the brain of learning to read.]. Medecine Sciences: M/S, 27(3), 236-238.


Dehaene S, Pegado F, Braga LW, Ventura P, Nunes Filho G, Jobert A, Dehaene-Lambertz G, Kolinsky R, Morais J, Cohen L  (2010)  How learning to read changes the cortical networks for vision and language. Science 330:1359-1364


Pegado F, Bekinschtein T, Chausson N, Dehaene S, Cohen L, Naccache L  (2010)  Probing the lifetimes of auditory novelty detection processes. Neuropsychologia 48:3145-3154


Chausson, N., Wassouf, A., Pegado, F., Willer, J-C., Naccache, L.. Electrophysiology: mismatch negativity and prognosis of coma. Revue Neurologique, 2008, 164 Spec No 1, F34-35.

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