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Course and current status

Name : DUBREUIL Patrice, Charles

1981 : PhD thesis of Immunology : Immunology Centre of Marseille-Luminy (CIML). Director of thesis (F.Lemonnier) – Research fellowship (DGRST)

1985 : Permanent position INSERM. 2005 : DR1

Group leader at the Cancerology Research Centre of Marseille (CRCM) U1068 Marseille

Team : "Signalling, Hematopoiesis and Mechanism of Oncogenesis" AERES label A

Post doctoral training and awards

1981-1984 : Post Doctoral Position in Immunology Centre de Marseille Luminy

1984: Cellular Biology Lab (P.Mannoni). University of Edmonton, Canada. Research fellowship of UICC

1985-1988: Post Doctoral Position - Molecular Biology lab; INSERM 119 de Cancérologie et Expérimentales. Marseille

1988-1990: Visiting scientist - Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology (A. Bernstein). Mount Sinaï Hospital, Toronto, Canada (MRC Fellowship)

1997  Visiting Scientist fellowship INSERM/MRC, Ontario Cancer Institute Dr. R Rottapel, Toronto, Canada

Expert activities

Vice-president of the Club Hématopoièse et Oncogenèse (1995-97), secretary (1997-99), vice president (2005->2008)

Member of the SFH administration board (Société Française d’Hématologie) 1999-> 2002

Member of the Scientific board of AFIRMM (Mastocytosis patient consortium) since 1999

Expert of the national expertise committee of LIGUE Régionale, Ile de France, 2001-2004

Expert of the national expertise committee of ARC 2000-2005

Expert of the national expertise committee of LNCC 2001-2005 then in 2011-2013

President of the national expertise committee of ARC CN4 and member of the scientific committee


Team Label Ligue since 2001

Supported by OSEO, Inca and FRM

The laboratory is recognized by the French Health Ministry as reference center for Mastocytosis study (CEREMAST)

Other activity

Cofounder of AB Science Company (Paris) France

Member of the AB Science Scientific Committee

Scientific summary

Team "Signalling, Hematopoiesis and Mechanism of Oncogenesis"

Hematopoiesis is a perfect model of cellular differentiation to study molecular mechanisms involved in the transition between a highly regulated system leading to differentiation programs and homeostasis to deregulated situations leading to proliferative syndromes and leukaemia. Our group contributes to the identification of mechanisms, transduction pathways and protein effectors initiated by genetic alterations affecting the c-Kit tyrosine kinase receptor. We identified these alterations in blood disorders, mastocytosis, gastrointestinal tumors and melanomas. Ultimately our goal is to generalize our strategy to study other receptors important in onco-hematology such as FLT3. Our project is based on three main approaches in which we have a recognized expertise :

  • The functional identification of activating mutations in tyrosine kinase receptors.
    This expertise acquired in the c-Kit and mastocytosis models (inside the AFIRMM network) is the basis of collaborations with clinical groups and other research groups interested in the identification of mutations of other proteins involved in tumoral pathologies.
  • The identification of new substrates / new pathways associated with the c-Kit oncogenic signalling. We addressed this question by various proteomic (yeast two hybrid, mass spectrometry) and functional (siRNA kinome) approaches. Our expertise in gene transfer in hematopoietic progenitors is also an asset in our functional approach. Our goal is to identify new therapeutic targets.
  • A contribution in the identification of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (in collaboration with AB Science company).
    We participate in the optimization of compounds used in targeted therapy. Masitinib targeting c-Kit is one of these new drugs.
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