Hélène Duez
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  • Phone : +33(0)3.2087.7793
  • Location : Lille, France
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Hélène Duez PhD Pharmaceutical sciences

Course and current status

- 2009-Present: Group leader, senior associate researcher chair (Chargée de recherche 1 INSERM). INSERM UR1011 Department ‘Nuclear receptors, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes’ – Institut Pasteur Lille - Univ. Lille , France

- 2007-2008: INSERM Young Researcher Chair

- 2004-2007: Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Medicine and Physiology, University of Toronto, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada

- 2003-2004: Post-doctoral fellow, INSERM UR545 – Institut Pasteur Lille, Univ. Lille, France

- 1998-2003: PhD student. INSERM UR545 - Institut Pasteur Lille, Univ. of Lille, Lille, France.

Scientific summary

I have devoted my studies to the contribution of the two nuclear receptors Rev-erba and RORa in the development of metabolic perturbations predisposing to atherosclerosis. To this aim, in vivo studies using deficient animal models and in vitro studies using cellular and molecular approaches are used to determine the role of these two factors as potential regulators of lipid and glucose homeostasis, adipose tissue physiology, bile acid metabolism, and determine whether Rev-erba and RORa play a role in the development of obesity, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes. The role of Rev-erba and RORa in the development and progression of atherosclerosis is also examined.

A second research interest lies in the circadian regulation of metabolism. Indeed Rev-erba and RORa are important molecular components of the biological clock, and we are investigating whether Rev-erba and RORa play a role in the intricate link between the circadian molecular clock and metabolic pathways.

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