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Gilles LAMBERT PhD Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Course and current status


 Associate Professor - University of Nantes Medical School, 2002-2011


  • Inserm U957 laboratory, Nantes, France, 2010-ongoing

Comparative study of vascular calcificationsand atheroma lesions. Cardiovascular benefits of PCSK9 inhibition.


  • Heart Research Institute, Sydney, Australia 2006-2010.

Characterization of PCSK9 missense mutations associated with hypercholesterolemia. Study on fenofibrate mediated down-regulation of plasma PCSK9 levels in diabetic patients. Assessment of the anti-inflammatory properties of a new generation apoA-I mimetic peptide in vivo


  • Inserm U539 laboratory, Nantes, France 2002-2006.

Study of PCSK9 a new gene involved in hypercholesterolemia by adenoviral transfer in mice. Characterization of dyslipemia and atherogenesis in FXR deficient mice. Study of apolipoprotein A-IV gene expression



Scientific summary

Post doctoral fellow - National Institutes of Health, 1998-2002


  • Molecular Disease Branch, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Identification of the interactions between Hepatic Lipase and SR-BI in cultured cells and in vivo. Characterization of atherosclerosis and glomerulosclerosis in LCAT knockout mice. Generation of ABCA1 transgenic mice: Lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis susceptibility. Characterization of the lipid profile of mice deficient for the nuclear hormone receptors FXR, HNF4, C/EBPa, PPARb and PPARg.


PhD student - University of Paris VI, 1994-1998.


  • InsermU515 laboratory, Paris, France

Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of apolipoprotein A-II. Identification of the interaction between apoA-II, apoA-I and HDL cholesterol esterification by LCAT. Characterization of human apoA-II transgenic mice, an animal model of hypertriglyceridemia

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