Claudine Berr MD, PhD in epidemiology

Course and current status

Diploma and qualifications

1989 PhD in epidemiology and public health (University of Paris XI)

1986 Medical Doctorate (MD) (University of Paris VI -Medicine Cochin-Port Royal)

1986 Maitrise Biologie Humaine (MsC) in biostatistics and epidemiology (University of Paris XI)

Professional experience

Neuroepidemiologist in INSERM units

1990-1999 :Junior researcher  INSERM

since 2000: Research Director INSERM


  • 1986-1992 Epidemiology of chronic disease (Director: J Lellouch, Villejuif, France), INSERM U169

  • 1992-2002 : Epidemiological research in neurology and psychopathology (Director:: A Alperovitch, La Salpétrière Hospital, Paris, France) INSERM U360

  • 2002-2020: Nervous system pathologies: epidemiological and clinical research  (Director: K Ritchie) INSERM U1061, responsible of the group on cognitive ageing.

  • 2021-  INM Institut des Neurosiciences de Montpellier
INSERM Unité 1298, Equipe NEUROPEPS (Y Dauvilliers)

Membership of official or governmental committees.

  • Inserm Scientificcommission CSS4 Neurosciences , Nominated member  2016-2021
  • “ High Concil of Public Health “ , President of the commission on chronic diseases.(2011-2017) 
  • Scientific committee of  French Alzheimer ‘s disease association ( 2009-  )
  • National committee for authorization of data collection  in medical research (Comité Consultatif sur le Traitement de l’Information en matière de Recherche dans le domaine de la Santé) 2000-05
  • National committee for registry 2003-2010
  • Commitee of evaluation of registry 2020-2022 (President)….

Scientific summary

Main areas of epidemiological research

Cohorts in genral population

Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline in the elderly; Cognitive decline in middle-aged

Biological risk factors: genetic factors, oxidative stress and antioxidants, nutrition and hormonal status

Environmental risk factors including contextual factors and airpollution

Clinical research in dementia and MCI        

Main responsibilities and grants since 2006:

Scientific responsible of the E3C-Montpellier center since 2005 including the 2 ancillary E3C projects ( COGINUT and COGICARE)

  • Co investigator with P Barberger-Gateau of the COGINUT project  (grant ANR.2006-2010)
  • Principal investigator of the COGICARE project (grant ANR 2009-2011)

Co investigator of the WORKAGE project on ageing of an occupational cohort , the GAZEL cohort ( grant ANR 2009-2012)

Principal Investigator of the CONSOLAGE project - ( Anses, PNR EST 2016-2019), PODEMOS project ( ANSES) with M Mortamais


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