Vincent GOFFIN
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  • Location : PARIS, France
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Vincent GOFFIN PhD Academic Research

Course and current status

1986-1994: University of Liege, Belgium.  

  • 1987: M. Sc., Animal Physiology Lab
  • 1993: PhD thesis, Research assistant of the Belgian National Funds for Scientific Research (FNRS), Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering Lab.


1994-present: Inserm and University Paris Descartes, Faculty of Medicine, Necker site, Paris, France

  • 1994-1996: Post-doctoral fellow of the European Community – Marie Curie fellowship, Molecular Endocrinology Lab
  • 1996-2005: Associate Professor, Team leader at Molecular Endocrinology Lab
  • 2006-present: Research Director, Head of "PRL/GH Pathophysiology" Lab, Research Center "Growth and Signaling" (Inserm Unit 845)

Scientific summary

Major interests

  • Structure-function relationships and signaling pathways of ligands and receptors belonging to the prolactin and growth hormone (PRL/GH) family.
  • The role of PRL and GH in human pathophysiology, especially regarding their tumor-growth promoting actions


Recent findings

  • Discovery of the first functional (gain-of-function) mutation of the prolactin receptor associated with a human disease (multiple breast fibroadenoma, a rare benign disease)
  • Development of pure prolactin receptor antagonists, a novel class of compounds with high therapeutic potential for targetting the undesirable effects of local (autocrine) prolactin and dopamine-resistant hyperprolactinemia.
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