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Enzo LALLI M.D, Board Certification in Haematology

Course and current status

1996-2004 CR1 CNRS at IGBMC CNRS-INSERM-ULP (Illkirch, France)

2004 DR2 INSERM at IGBMC CNRS-INSERM-ULP (Illkirch, France)

2005-present DR2 INSERM and group leader at IPMC CNRS-UNSA (Valbonne, France)

Scientific summary

We are interested in mechanisms of gene regulation involved in development, function and pathology of the adrenal cortex. Our main scientific achievements include:

- characterization of the physiopathological role of transcription factor DAX-1 in adrenal cortex and embryonic stem cells;

- discovery of the role of transcription factor SF-1 in the pathogenesis of adrenocortical cancer;

- characterization of new drugs active against adrenocortical cancer cells;

- discovery of new mechanisms in the regulation of functional zonation and aldosterone production in the adrenal cortex.

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