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Corine BERTOLOTTO PhD, Biology and Health Sciences

Course and current status

2009: Research director (DR2) at INSERM U895

2008: Researcher (CR1) at INSERM U895

2006 : Habilité à diriger des Recherches, ED85 Nice

2005 : Certification in animal experimentation

2004-2008: Researcher (CR1) at INSERM U597

2000 -2004 : Researcher (CR2) at INSERM U385

1998-2000 : Post doctoral training , INSERM U526, Nice, France

1998 : Ph.D in Biology, Nice Sophia Antipolis University

1988-1998 : Graduate Student, Nice Sophia Antipolis University

Scientific summary

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms involved in the transformation of melanocytes, cell of the skin specialized in the synthesis of melanin pigments, into melanoma. We try to understand the signaling pathways and the important factors implied that mediate the aggressiveness of melanoma cells (proliferation, migration, invasion, survival). In this context, we study more particularly, the role of MITF, a transcription factor which plays a key role in melanocyte homeostasis, in the control of these processes. 

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