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Yves CAZALS Ph D Auditory impairments : physiopathology and rehabilitation

Course and current status

Profesional cursus (degrees and positions)

- Master in Psychology 1972.

- Master in Physiology 1973.

- PhD Physiology 1983.

- HDR 1986.

- Research Fellow, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Université de Southampton, Angleterre, janvier-juin 1974.

- Attaché-assistant de sciences fondamentales, Faculté de Médecine, Bordeaux, octobre 1974-

   juillet 1975, octobre 1976- septembre 1978.

- Boursier de la Fondation pour la Recherche médicale, octobre 1978- février 1979.

- Attaché de recherche Inserm, march 1979 - december 1981.

- Research Fellow, Kresge Hearing Research Institute, Université du Michigan, Medical school, Ann Arbor, USA, january-july 1980.

- Chargé de recherche Inserm, january 1982.

- Director by interim of Inserm unit 229, august 1982- august 1983.

- Directeur de recherche Inserm, march 1990.

- Directeur of Inserm unit 9902, january 1999- january2004


- Project leader within the European Concerted action "Hearing impairments"   European Commission, DG XII, for the project "Objective methods in audiology - Models opf auditory pathologies", 1982 - 1984

- Expert for the evaluation of projects for scientific equipments for Anvar, 1982 - 1994

- Member of the group Inserm Auditory Handicap 1984

- Member of the group on comparative studies among cochlear implants and of the group on Brain Neuromagnetism, French Ministery of Research and Technology 1985.

- Président of the group Audition of the Société Française d'Acoustique 1991-1994, and member of the bureau of this society 1988-1991, et 1994-1996.

- President of the Editing Committee of the Journal d'acoustique 1989.

- Associate editor section Auditory Physiology for the journal Acta Acustica, 1990 until now

- Expert for the follow-up of projects in the TIDE area (Technologies for réhabilitation) for the European commission, DGXIII , 1992-1999

- Contractor for France in the European project Natasha (Telematics Applications programme) 1998-2001

- Expert for the European Commission for evalaution of projects on auditory rehabilitation 5th PRC Ageing and disabilities 2002

- Expert for the French ministery of research for projects on Technologies for Handicaps 2004

- Associate editor for Hearing Research 2004- now

- Expert for the Inserm report on Auditory deficits, 2006

- Expert for the European Commission Report - Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks : Potential health risks of exposure to noise from personal music players and mobile phones including a music playing function. 2008-

Scientific summary

My research activities over the past 35 years have dealt with the pathophysiology of inner ear impairments and rehabilitation.

Main contributions :

Clinical studies

Tinnitus suppression through electrical cochlear stimulation (including a licensed commercialized implant)

Development of a (unichannel) cochlear implant for profound deafness rehabilitation.

Various psycoacoustic/audiologic studies of hearing impairments

Animal experiments

Evaluation of the ototoxicity of various medical drugs : antibiotics, diuretics, aspirin; dose/effects; electrophysiology, pharmacology, histology (chemical, immuno).

Animal model of Meniere's disease : validation through longitudinal electrophysiologic studies, morphological specific features (atrophy of middle and short cilia), pharmacological potential treatments.

Preventive and curative treatments for acoustic trauma in animal experiments.

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