Jerome Guicheux
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Jerome Guicheux PhD-DSc

Course and current status

Current Position
2009-…        INSERM research Director/Professor
French National institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM)
Deputy director
INSERM U791/LIOAD-Centre for osteoarticular and dental tissue engineering
of department STEP "skeletal tissue engineering and physiopathology",

School of dental surgery and Nantes University Hospital, France.

Deputy Director, UMS INSERM/FED 4203, François Bonamy Health Federative Research Institute (ex-IFR26), university of Nantes.

Previous positions
2007-2010    Professor, National veterinary school of Nantes, physiopathology and biotechnology department. Interface Contract INSERM/ENVN.

2005-2008     INSERM senior research associate/Associate-Professor
Head of department STEP, INSERM U791/LIOAD, School of dental surgery, Nantes University Hospital, France.

2001-2004     INSERM Junior research associate/Assistant-Professor
Head of department "cellular and molecular biology", INSERM EMI 9903, School of dental surgery, Nantes University Hospital, France.

2000-2001     Senior Scientist, Division of Rheumatology, School of Medicine and University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.                  

1998-2000     Post-doctoral fellow, Division of bone diseases, School of Medicine and University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.                 

1997-1998     Lecturer, Nantes Faculty of Dental Surgery, department of Biological sciences, Nantes, France.

1995-1997     Ph.D candidate. Faculty of Dental surgery, University of Nantes, Nantes, France.

Scientific summary

Jérôme Guicheux (46 yo) has received his B.S. degree in cell biology and pathophysiology in 1992, his doctorate (PhD) in Biomaterials, cell biology and health sciences in 1997 and his habilitation for directing research (HDR-Habilitat) in 2002 at the University of Nantes. He studied the biology of skeletal cells with Professors Bonjour and Caverzasio at the University Medical Center of Geneva (Switzerland ) as a postdoctoral researcher (1997-1999). He completed his post- doctoral research as a research associate in the laboratory of Professor Gabay in the rheumatology department of the University Hospital of Geneva (1999-2000). He then joined the University of Nantes and INSERM as a junior research associate (CR Inserm). He is currently a Research Director/professor at INSERM (DR Inserm) and was an associated-Professor at the national veterinary school of Nantes (2006-2010); He has been appointed (2010) co-director of the INSERM research Lab U791 (LIOAD, centre for osteoarticular and dental tissue engineering, Nantes, France, 90 staff members) and head of the STEP (Skeletal Tissue Engineering and Physiopathology) group (35 staff members). His research focuses on the pathophysiology and regenerative medicine of the skeleton with particular emphasis on the development of stem cells and biomaterials for the repair of musculoskeletal tissues including cartilage and intervertebral disc.

He also serves as a deputy director of the François Bonamy Health Federative Research Institute (UMS INSERM-CNRS 016/ FED 4203 ; formerly IFR26) (900 staff members). He is an elected-member of the steering committee of the Nantes college of Dentistry, and appointed member of the strategic research committee (CRS) and biomedical research and public health committee (CRBSP) of the Nantes University Hospital (NUH). He is a member of the Board of Directors and President-elect of the French society of mineralized tissue biology (SFBTM). JG also serves as the scientific Director of “Arthritis R&D”, spin-off from the “Arthritis Foundation” (non-profit and public interest association). He also coordinates the first French national network of the Arthritis Foundation dedicated to Osteoarthritis and joint aging (7 labs and affiliated hospitals). He is a member of the management committee of the European FP7- COST NAMABIO program dedicated to bone tissue engineering, biomaterials and stem cells. He served on the editorial board of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (2007-2011) and is currently an academic associate editor of “PlosOne” and " Bioceramics Development and Applications", an editorial board member of the “American Journal of Stem Cells” and reviewer for over 15 international journals. Jérôme Guicheux is the recipient of more than 80 public and private research contracts. In 2011, he received the “Victor and Erminia Mescle Price” awarded by the French Foundation for Medical Research for his work on regenerative medicine. In 2012, he was awarded recipient of a hospital contract for translational research (CHRT) with NUH and receives the “scientific excellence award” from INSERM in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He has authored more than 140 publications in ISI-indexed journals  (h-index 40; M index 2; 4184 citations). He also authored 8 patents and gave 70 invited lectures in international and national meetings.

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