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  • Phone : 33 (0) 2 40 41 29 89
  • Location : INSERM U791, Centre for Osteoarticular and dental tissue engineering (LIOAD), Group STEP "skeletal tissue engineering and physiopathology", University Hospital of Nantes, 44042 Nantes FRANCE
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Laurent Lescaudron Associate Professor

Course and current status

1982- Master (1st year), Physiology major, Univ. of Nantes, Nantes, France

1983- Master (2nd year), Neurosciences major, Univ. of Bordeaux-II, Bordeaux, France

1987- Ph.D. in Neurosciences and Pharmacology, Univ. of Bordeaux-II, Bordeaux, France

1995- Experimentation certificate, National Veterinary School, Nantes, France

1997- Research Management Ability (HDR), Univ. of Nantes, Nantes, France

Postdoctoral experience:
- 1987-1988 (17 months):
Clark University, Dept. Psychology, Brain Research lab (Pr. DG. Stein), Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
- 1988-1991 (36 months): Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey,
Institute of Animal Behavior, Brain Research lab (Pr. DG. Stein), Newark, New Jersey, USA

Visiting Professor:
- 2000-2001 (6 months): University of Minnesota Medical School, dept. Neurosurgery (Pr WC. Low), Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA
- 2001 (6 months): Central Michigan University, dept. Psychology, Brain Research lab (Pr. GL. Dunbar), Mt-Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Current positions:

- Associate professor in Physiology (tenured), University of Nantes, Nantes France

- Senior scientist at  the INSERM U791 laboratory, Dental school, University hospital of Nantes, Nantes France

- Adjunct professor, department of Psychology, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant MI USA

- Former Operations Manager Doctoral Programs (2010-2012), L’Université Nantes Angers Le Mans (L’UNAM), Pole of Research and High Studies (PRES), Nantes France

Scientific summary

RESEARCH: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in the Central Nervous System and after Intervertebral Disk Lesion (since 01/01/2012). Restoration of motor and cognitive functions in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases (Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases). Investigation of brain parenchyma and intervertebral disk parenchyma immune responses to stem cell transplantation. Trophic interactions between neurons, bone/cartilage cells and stem cells. Investigations of in vitro and in vivo differentiation of adult mesenchymal stem cells and iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells).

TEACHING: Human and Animal Physiology, Neurobiology, Methodology and Learning, Careers in Biology and Biotechnologies, Development of undergraduate professional project. Teaching performed at the School of Sciences and Techniques of the University of Nantes, at the School of Psychology of the University of Nantes and the Dental Scholl of the University of Nantes

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