William RAOUL
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  • Location : Tours, France
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William RAOUL PhD, Inserm Researcher, HDR

Course and current status

Professional experience

Since November 2019: Senior permanent researcher CRCN, Inserm UMR S 1069 (Tours, France). Fields : Oncology (Digestive Cancers), Pharmacology, Calcium Signaling, Ion Channels, Lipid, Biomarkers

2013-2019 : Researcher CR1, UMR CNRS 7292 (Tours, France). Fields : Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies, Oncology (Colorectal Cancer), Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics, Biomarkers

2012-2013 : Researcher CR2, Inserm UMR S 968, Institut de la Vision (Paris, France). Fields : Age-related macular degeneration, Tools, New Targets

2009-2012: Researcher CR2, Inserm UMR S 872, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers (Paris, France). Fields : Age-related macular degeneration, Inflammation, Chemokines

2006-2009 : Post-doctoral position, Inserm UMR S 872, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers (Paris, France). Fields : Age-related macular degeneration, Therapeutics, Angiogenesis


2017 : Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (authorisation to supervise researches), University François Rabelais, Tours, France.

2005 : PhD in Life and Health Sciences (Toxicology) with honours, Inserm U651, University Paris XII, Créteil, France. Fields : Acute Lung Injury, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Growth Factors, Endothelial Progenitors

2001 : Master in Toxicology with honours, University Paris V Descartes, Paris, France.

Scientific summary

With an initial training in cell biology, physiopathology and toxicology, my current research topic is focused on deciphering the mechanisms of colorectal cancer progression and on the validation of new therapeutic tools (therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and small molecules) and predictive biomarkers of response. I study more closely the lipids-tumor-treatment interactions, the role of microRNAs and the remodeling of calcium signaling and fluxes.


Labeled Inserm since 2002, the UMR 1069 "Nutrition, Growth and Cancer" (N2C) (Inserm / University of Tours) is a multidisciplinary single team unit (biology, physiology, oncology, nutrition, preclinical and clinical) led by Professor Christophe Vandier (Director) and Pr Gaëlle Fromont (Deputy Director).

The project is at the intersection of the two fields nutrition and cancer, with the concept that cancerous disease results from interactions between the host and the tumor. It is focused on the lipids of the diet stored in adipose tissue and synthetic lipids, from the laboratory, likely to limit tumor progression, increase the response to cancer treatments and limit cancer cachexia.

The Inserm Unit UMR 1069 brings together researchers and clinicians, as well as engineers and technicians with complementary expertise and skills in Clinical Oncology and Nutrition, in Physiology, Biology and Experimental Biochemistry.

As pointed out by the evaluation commissions, the strength of our Unit is to bring together within our single team the expertise and resources to perform translational research:
- from patients to the laboratory and from the laboratory to the patients.
- from the lipid composition of tissues to the mechanisms of action of identified lipids.
- on lipids of food or of synthetic origin as modifiers of the therapeutic response.

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