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  • Location : Montpellier, France
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Bernard MOUILLAC PhD Biochemistry, Molecular and cellular Biology

Course and current status

PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology (1990)

Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Montreal (Canada) (1991-1992)

INSERM researcher at CCIPE - Montpellier (1993)

Team leader at CCIPE - Montpellier (since 1998)

INSERM Research Director at IGF-Montpellier (since 2002)

Scientific summary

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs, also named 7TM receptors) constitute the largest family of integral membrane proteins (they account for more than 2% of the human genome), respond to a wide variety of extracellular and sensory signals (proteins, peptides, amino-acids, lipids, catecholamines, ions, light, odorant and taste molecules) and participate in the regulation of most physiological functions. Accordingly, they are targets of most currently marketed drugs. Our work is focused on the study of vasopressin (AVP) and oxytocin (OT) receptors belonging to the rhodopsin-like class A GPCRs. They constitute a major fundamental model and represent important therapeutic targets. We investigate their structure and functioning, dynamics of the interactions with their protein partners (G proteins, arrestins, etc…), and the links between these receptors and pathologies (renal and genetic diseases). Our perspectives are to better understand molecular and structural bases of differential coupling and functional selectivity of these receptors, in other words to identify the conformational changes of GPCRs responsible for activation of signaling proteins and cell responses. The program is dedicated to increase our knowledge in the field of 7TM receptors and their associated signaling pathways, and to develop new potential therapeutic molecules.

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