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  • Location : Dijon, France
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anne-marie Bouvier MD, PhD, Senior Reseacher, epidemiologist

Course and current status

  • 1992 : Medical degree
  • 1997 : Master in Epidemiology and Evaluation of Health Actions
  • 2000 : PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health
  • 2001 : Research fellow (CR1) at the INSERM EMI 0106 « Epidemiological and Clinical Research in Digestive Oncology »
  • 2009 : Scientific Director of the Digestive Cancer Registry of Burgundy, Dijon, France
  • 2010 : Senior Researcher (DR2) at the INSERM CRI U866

Scientific summary

The frequency and severity of digestive cancers as well as the social and economic burden of these diseases justify my research program. This project concerns all digestive cancers, and focuses on colorectal cancer. Knowledge of cancer frequency, incidence, prevalence, survival and of health care practices is essential to clinicians, health authorities and to researchers for routine practice and health care planning. Data provided by specialized centres cannot be used as a reference because of unavoidable selection bias. Population-based studies that include all the cases arising in a well-defined population are the best way to assess the real changes in the management or prognosis of cancers. This research relies on a digestive population-based registry that records all new cases of digestive cancers in the resident population of two administrative areas in Burgundy (1,050,000 inhabitants). My research programme deals with epidemiology, health care patterns and management of digestive cancers.

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