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marie thérèse labro MD, PhD

Course and current status

-former assistant des hôpitaux, assistant des Universités

-senior researcher Inserm since 1984

-in charge of expertise since 2006

Scientific summary

My fundamental research has first concerned the study of some auto-immune diseases (lupus, hepatitis, scleroderma), particularly the knowledge of various auto-antibodies (antimitochondria, antinuclear,..)

Then I have developed a research axis about the interaction of various anti-infective agents (cephalosporins, macrolides, antimalarials, ansamycins...) with the host immune system, mainly the polymorphonuclear neutrophils.

Since 2006, I participate to the follow-up of various expertises about the effects of the  environment on human health (Cancer and environment, Lead, and recently Endocrine disruptors).

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