Anna Salvetti
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Anna Salvetti PhD Virology

Course and current status

Current Position: Research Director INSERM, Cancer Research center of Lyon, CRCL, INSERM U1052 CNRS UMR5286, lyon, France


1992- PhD in Virology, University PARIS VII, France

2001- Habilitation à Diriger les recherches, UNiversity of Nantes, France


Training/Professional experience

1989-1992 PhD training, Molecular and Cellular Immuno-Virology laboratory, CNRS UMR30, Lyon France

1992-1994 Post-doctoral position, Retroviruses and Gene Transfer laboratory, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France

1994-1995 Research Scientist, Somatix Therapy Corporation, Alameda, CA USA.

1995-2006 Research Scientist, Gene Therapy laboratory, INSERM U649, Nantes, France

2006-2012, Research Director, Team Leader, Human Virology Department, INSERM U758, ENS Lyon, France (Avenir group from 2007 to 2011)

2013-2015, Research director,Team leader, CIRI, INSERM U1111 CNRS UMR5308, ENS Lyon, France.

2013- 2015, Director of the Franco-Argentinean International Associated Laboratory (LIA) "Devenir"


2000 Journal of Gene Medecine Young Investigator Award, European Society for Gene Therapy

2006 Selection for Avenir program, INSERM renewal in 2010)

Scientific summary

Despite an effective vaccine, chronic infections with HBV remain a major public health problem worldwide, and represent the first cause of liver cancer. Indeed, even if current antivirals generally lead to the reduction of viremia in the blood of patients, the liver viral clearance is rarely obtained, thus making life-long therapy mandatory. Our research program is focused on the identification of novel cellular factors critical for HBV replication and pathogenesis to develop new therapeutic strategies.

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