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Thomas Pons PhD

Course and current status

2007-present : INSERM researcher at Laboratoire Physique et Etudes des Matériaux ESPCI/CNRS/UPMC.

2006-2007 : Post-doctoral fellow (Advisor: Benoit Dubertret, Optics Lab, ESPCI, Paris, France): Quantum dot-encoded microbeads

2004-2006 : Post-doctoral fellow (Advisor: Hedi Mattoussi, Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC, USA): Applications of semiconductor quantum dots to biological sensing and imaging using FRET

2000-2004 : PhD student (Advisor: Dr J. Mertz, Neurophysiology and New Microscopies Lab, Paris, France): Applications of second harmonic generation to biological imaging

Scientific summary

- Synthesis and functionalization of quantum dots for cellular and in vivo imaging : near infrared low toxicity quantum dots, surface chemistry...

- FRET sensing

- QD-based multimodal imaging contrast agents

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