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Atul Pathak Full tenure Professor of Medicine, Cardiology and Clinical Pharmacology. MD, PhD.

Course and current status

2010: Visiting Professor, Baker HEart Institute, Melbourne, Australia

2009: Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, Pharmacology. Univesity Hopsital and Faculty of Medicine, Toulouse, France

2005-2009: Ass. Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, Pharmacology. Univesity Hopsital and Faculty of Medicine, Toulouse, France

Affiliated to INSERM: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology of the cardiac autonomic nervous system.


Scientific summary

Professor Atul PATHAK, is a Pharmacologist and Cardiologist. He is leading a clinical research team focusing on cardiovascular pathophysiology and clinical pharmacology and is affiliated to INSERM (National Institute of Medical Research). Professor Pathak is consultant in Clinical Cardiology focusing on patient’s care with cardiovascular risk factors (metabolic and cardiovascular) and their consequences such as Heart Failure in the Cardiometabolic department of Toulouse University Hospital. Professor Pathak was resident in Cardiology from 1996 to 2001 and trained in Toulouse (France), Aachen (Germany) and Cleveland (Cleveland Clinic, USA). After that period, he obtained his MD (highest distinction) at the Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse and obtained a tenure position as a research scientist at INSERM up to 2002. He obtained his European Phd (highest distinction) in Clincal and Experimental Pharmacology in 2005. He also worked as a post doctoral research fellow in the Department of Cardiology at Hospital Erasme and Free University of Bruxelles from 2004 to 2005.

He joined the Faculty of Medicine at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse as an Associate Professor in 2002 and has been Assistant Professor since 2005. He has been nominated full tenure Professor in Clinical Pharmacology in 2009 and visiting Professor at the Baker HEart Institute, Melbourne (Australia) and is currently leading the Clinical Unit of Cardiovascular Pharmacology in the University Hospital of Toulouse.

            Doctor Pathak is the author of more than 80 international publications. His research interests are: (i) new diagnostic tools and treatment of cardiometabolic risk factors  and heart failure, (ii) the human sympathetic nervous system, (iii) neurotransmitters of the neuro cardiac synapse and more generally Clinical Pharmacology of Cardiovascular diseases. He is currently leading both a clinical and an experimental team working on the nervous regulation of cardiovascular function and, more particularly, the role of the autonomic nervous system in the control of arterial pressure, cardiac rhythm and contraction, and associated diseases (i.e. obesity, diabetes).

Professor Pathak has been awarded by the ESC (Young Investigator Award), by the British Pharmacological Society and the French Society of Cardiology. He is also member of the French Association of Pharmacologists, the French Society of Hypertension and Cardiology, the American Society for Heart Failure. He is elected President of the Cardiovascular Pharmacology Working Group of the French Society of Cardiology. He has both academic and institutional commitments, among them participation at advisory board at AFSSAPS (French FDA) and HAS for the review of clinical trials protocol, assessment of benefit /risk ratio of drugs (marketed or under development) and medico-economic issues (regarding lipid or blood pressure lowering drugs).

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