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  • Location : Tours, France
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Sylvie Chalon Research Director

Course and current status

January 2008-present: Inserm Research Officer (DR2);

Head of Team 3, "Neurotransmission: from molecular imaging to clinic", of Unit Inserm U930, "Imaging and Brain", Tours;

Granted by an Interface Contract between Inserm and Hospital-University of Tours;

Co-director of IFR135 (Federative Institute of Research, "Functional exploration");

Scientific summary

My research work is based on the hypothesis that exploration of specific brain targets (receptors, transporters, abnormal proteins) by molecular SPECT/PET imaging allow to improve the knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. My activity is focussed on animal models of these disorders, with an innovative technological aspect (validation and use of radiopharmaceuticals) and a more fundamental aspect based on the role of neurotransmission systems in brain dysfunction. My main research projects, granted by regional, national (ANR) and international (6th & 7th PCRD) programs involve in vivo exploration of dopaminergic, cholinergic and  neuroinflammatory markers in animal models (Parkinson, Alzheimer, prenatal exposure to drugs), using a microPET/CT system and 18F-labeled tracers developed in the team.

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