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Thierry Jouault PhD immunology (Innate immunity and Infectious diseases)

Course and current status

1983 Master in Human Biology, Immunology, Immunopathology (Paris VII)

1986 DERBH - Diploma in research in Human biology - speciality Immunology (Lille 2)
Immunopathology in the context of parasitic infection. Evidence for a role for Fc(epsilon)R in helminthe interaction with macrophages

1987 DEA - Master in Immunology (Paris Vi)

1989 CR2 Inserm. Full time researcher at Inserm (infectious diseases)

1991 PhD thesis, Immunology (Paris VI)
Immunopathology in the context of AIDS. Role of macrophage receptors in the infection by HIV.

1999 HDR
Pathophysiology of Candidiasis. Role of glycans in the interaction and modulation of immune response.

Position :

1989 Full time researcher (CR2) at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris.
Immunopathology of AIDS. Relation Macrophages-HIV.

1992 Full time researcher (CR1) at Inserm U42,
head of reseach in pathophysiology of candidiasis

1999 Full time researcher (CR1) at U0360, U795, U995
head of reseach team "Immunology and inflammation". Immunopathology of candidiasis and chronic inflammatory diseases.

2011 Team leader of the LIRIC-U995-Team2

2015 Deputy chief editor of Médecine/Sciences

Scientific summary

I began research studies in the immunopathology field of parasitic infection in Pasteur Institute in Lille, Inserm, (director Pr Capron). My topic was to characterize new receptor for IgE expressed by macrophages and platelets. During this period I obtained my DERBH in Lille 2 University and my Master in Immunology in Paris VI.

At the time of AIDS discover, I moved to Paris for my pHD thesis. In the Salpêtrière Hospital, I joined the team of Pr. Gluckman in immunology who was involved in AIDS research with Pr. Montanier in Pasteur Intitute in Paris. There, I get my pHD thesis on "Macrophages-HIV interaction". At this time I get a position at Inserm as a full researcher.

In 1992, I moved to Lille, at the Inserm Unit 42. There I developped a topic on interaction of macrophages and glucans expressed by the yeast Candida albicans. During this period, we evidenced the role of glycans and lectins in the physiopathology of Candidiasis. We demonstrated the importance of glycans and glycoconjugates in the interaction of microbes with innate cells. We also demonstrated the involvement of lectins and TLRs in this interplay.

In 1999, our team was individualized as an Inserm Unit, with Dr Poulain as the director. From this date, the team has been reconducted with different name (U0360, U795). We are now participating to a Unit center (LIRIC-U995) whose topic is inflammation.

The topic of the research developed in the team is the understanding of the role of glycans in innate and adaptive immunity. It is related mainly on fungal glycans whose importance in the pathophysiology of candidiasis has been demonstrated. Also, we explore the influence of lectin pathway in the inflammation, in particular in the context of the Crohn's disease.  

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