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Philippe Naveilhan PhD/HDR, CR1 INSERM

Course and current status


Philippe Naveilhan                                                            

Address: INSERM UMR913

1 rue Gaston veil

44035 Nantes


Education and responsibilities

2008- present           Member of the scientific council of the medical UFR,

                               University of Nantes, Nantes, F

2005-present            Members of the technical comity of the center of clinical

                               investigation in Neurology (CIC), Nantes.

2012-present           INSERM UMR913, Nantes, France. Director : M. Neunlist

2004-2012               Principal investigator of the team “Neuronal differentiation

                               and neuro-immune interactions: application to

                               intracerebral transplantation“; INSERM UMR 643, Nantes.  

                               Director: I. Anegon

2001-2004                Principal investigator of INSERM “AVENIR” team, INSERM

                               UMR 437, Nantes. Director: J.P. Soulillou

2001-present            CR1-INSERM since October 2001

1998-2001               Research Assistant; Laboratory of molecular neurobiology,

                              Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

                              Director: P. Ernfors

1996-1998               Post-Doc training; Laboratory of molecular neurobiology,

                              Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

                              Director: P. Ernfors

1992-1995               PhD training in the INSERM U298, Angers, Fr,

                              Director: Ph Brachet



2000-2001               Consultant for SMtec BioVision AB, Kista, Sweden (Gnotis)

2008-2011               Member of the scientific jury of Thermo Fisher price

2009                        President of the scientific jury of Thermo Fisher price

Scientific summary

Epithelial intestinal barrier (EIB) is the biggest interface between external environment and organism that represent a barrier against toxic and infectious particle.  Alteration of the IEB is often associated to low or high level inflammatory disease such inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These pathologies are multifactor implicating genetic as well as environmental factors and it became clearer and clearer that immune system activation  could be a cause and not only a consequence of the dysfunction. Since mid 90, it became clear the enteric nervous system (ENS) play a critical role in its regulation for example through the secretion of neurotransmitter. ENS is an integrative nervous system localized in gut wall and composed of two plexus one motor the myenteric, the other controlling EIB function the sub mucosal. The ENS is composed of neurons but also of enteric glial cells (EGC) which represent the equivalent of the astrocytes in the central nervous system. Recent findings suggest that neural cells could modulate the immune system. We develop a line of research looking to the possible interaction between the ENS and the immune system. We study more particularly the production of immune molecules by EGC and their effects not only on the immune system but also on EIB and nervous system.

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