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Gilles Querat PhD Virology Flavivirus antiviral

Course and current status

1981-1999: Retrovirology: work on animal lentiviruses Visna and CAEV and on D type Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus: cycle of replication, cloning and sequencing, gene function, pathogenesis.

2000-2005: HIV: reverse transcription and integration; role of cellular UNG2 in viral replication.

2005-present: IRD, UMR 190, Emerging viral disease: Flavivirus (Dengue, West Nile, Yellow Fever).

  • Innate immunity (TLR3) escape by flavivirus
  • Antiviral research

Scientific summary

Present works:

Hits to Lead optimization of compounds inhibiting viral replication of flaviviruses (clinical/field isolates) in cell cultures.

Chemical library screening of compounds inhibiting Toscana virus (Bunyavirus) in cell cultures

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