Frédéric Checler
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  • Phone : 33 4 93 95 34 60
  • Location : Valbonne, France
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Frédéric Checler PhD Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Course and current status

Research Director at INSERM

Head of the team

"Cellular and Molecular Biology of Normal and Pathological Cerebral Aging"

Scientific summary

Our team works on neurodegenrative diseases and cerebral cancer, with special emphasis on the delineation of common denominators that could be seen as molecular links between these diseases. We are particulrly interested in the biology of the proteins responsible for familial cases of Alzheimer's disease (presenilins, secretases, Abeta), Parkinson's disease (parkin, synucleins, DJ-1, Pink1, HTRA2, etc...) and glioblastomas (p53, amongst others). Furthermore, we are working on the physiology of cellular prion. Our two main aspects concern processing/proteolysis/biotransformation of these proteins and control of cell death.

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